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Creative Commercial Drone Services
FAA Certified & Insured

Drones have introduced so many new & exciting ways to elevate our experiences.  From photography to data driven projects, drones can be used for creative purposes as well as valuable cost solutions for a number of commercial services.  

Lavafly provides Creative Aerial Photography, Videography & Data Asset Services for the Mid-Atlantic Area including MD, VA, DE & PA.

  • Registered with the FAA
  • Part 107 Certified
  • Insured
Our Services

Elevate your special moments – weddings, engagement/bridal shoots & other celebratory events with aerial photos & videos.  LavaFly has creative alliances with photographers and stylists around the area.  We will gladly team up with a photographer of your choice as well to help create and capture magical moments from above that you will cherish for a lifetime. 

Real Estate buyers spend more than 60% of their time on listing photos. It’s a proven fact that listings with more compelling photos sell quicker and on average higher than the listing price.  Work smarter not harder.  Add Attitude with Altitude and AMP! up buyers with LavaFly.

A picture says a thousand words – and we say that an aerial image adds many more than that.  Be the difference your client wants.  Whether managing advertising and promotional campaigns, event or social media accounts, enhance your marketing media by adding a little Attitude with Altitude!  

Drones have been transforming the film making industry for years.  Equipped with advanced flight capabilities, 3-axis gimbals for smooth cinematic filming, hi-resolution outputs and speeds over 40 mph, drones are the savvy director’s dream come true.  Want some ‘bad-ass’ aerial video content for your next film, commercial or promotional project?

Roofing & Construction are two industries quickly adopting drones and drone innovation to significantly boost their businesses in real-time.  Drones provide safer, faster and accurate results every time – whether it’s assessing a roof for repairs and installations, monitoring issues or doing quick inspections – a drone delivers an immediate ROI on project one.  LavaFly manages the drones, data assets and drone maintenance so you don’t have to.  And as drone tech continues to evolve, your company can boast the latest & coolest in drone innovation to your clients.

Drones are quickly proving to be a valuable resource for the insurance industry.  Whether assessing property damage, monitoring a site or conducting structural  investigations drones can capture critical data in real-time, hi-resolution images and video. In a number of use cases, the use of a drone is safer, easier, faster and less costly than sending out full crews.  You manage the claims and your clients, we’ll do the flying and data collection.  You’re in good hands with LavaFly.

Stay tuned – Lavafly’s Elev8™ data services coming soon!

Interested in learning more about drones?  Want to learn more about the FAA’s drone laws?  Is your organization considering a drone program?  Interested in using drones for educational purposes? LavaFly offers training and consultative services to help educate & navigate the evolving new world of drones.

Want to LIVE STREAM your wedding or event?

Today it’s the ‘new normal.’  Tomorrow it will be just normal!  Live streaming has become the most practical way to share your wedding live when others can’t travel,  attend virtual events or boost social media & marketing presence.  People are discovering that Live Streaming is now more accessible than ever.  Forget Facebook, Instagram & Youtube.  Get real professional live stream & recorded productions at an affordable price!

  • Micro Wedding/Event packages available
  • Multi-cam streaming available
  • Drone streaming available
  • Conference Streaming Available
  • HD Quality stream
  • Live professional production 
  • Your own private URL
  • Live Stream Recording
Experience the benefits of drone photography
Wedding & Events
Elevate special moments, engagement and bridal photos. Create a memory that is stylish and fun!
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Location Marketing
Enhance your wedding day and special events with beautiful and dramatic aerial images
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Residential & Property Site
Create more compelling listings with beautiful aerial images of your home, property and surrounding area
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Roofing & Repair Assessment
Get close-up & images of your home before deciding on costly repairs - it's faster, safer and less inexpensive than the 'old way'
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Travel & Promotion
Inspire travelers to book a stay with dramatic aerial views of your property and destination area
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Editorial & Publication
Need images for your project? Wander the wonders around you from above without leaving your desk
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